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CMST 3630: For the Love of the Game: Sport, Gender and Communication

This LibGuide is for Judy Battaglia's CMST 393: For the Love of the Game classes.

List of Possible Theories for Your Paper


  1. Rhizome knowledge (Deleuze and Guattari)
  2. Freudian theories of family dynamics
  3.  Freudian theories of the screen (scopophilia and narcissism)
  4. Feminist theory (gender theories)
  5. Queer theory (sexuality theories)
  6. Critical Race Theory
  7. Matrix of Domination and/or Intersectionality (Hill-Collins and Hartsock)
  8.  Faith in a Box  (religion and sports/media)
  9. Marxist theory
  10. Simulation and the society of the spectacle (Baudrillard)
  11.  Pentad and Dramatic theory/Dramatism (Burke)
  12.  Hyper-reality (Beaudrillard)
  13. Performance theories (Schnecter)
  14.  Biological determinism/essentialism vs. social constructivism vs. performance (Delia)
  15. Social Darwinism (adaptation, survival of the fittest)
  16. Coordinated management of meaning (Pearce)
  17.  Symbolic interactionism (Mead)
  18.  The Comm Model/Process (mini/meta theories—noise, static, Shannon and Weaver)
  19. Global village and globalization (neo-liberalism and neo-conservativism, McLuhan)
  20. Masculinity studies
  21. Neo-Paganism and religious theories
  22. Expectancy violations theory (Burgoon)
  23. Uncertainty Reduction theory (Berger)
  24. Critical Theory (Deetz)
  25. Muted Group and Standpoint Theory (Kramerae, Harding, Wood)
  26. Social Penetration theory and self-disclosure (Altman and Taylor)
  27.  Cognitive Dissonance (Festinger)
  28. Narrative Paradigm (Fisher)
  29. Agenda-setting theory (McCombs and Shaw)
  30. Uses and gratifications (Gerbner)
  31. Cultural Studies (Stuart Hall)
  32. Genderlect Styles (Tannen)
  33. Face-Negotiation Theory and Saving Face (Ting-Toomey)
  34. Cultivation (Gerbner)
  35.  Speech codes and speech accommodation, appropriation (Philipsen, Giles, Alcoff)
  36. Semiotics (Barthes, Cixous, Irigaray, Kristeva)
  37. Symbolic Convergence (Bormann)
  38. 5 canons of Rhetoric and Artistic Proofs (Neo-Aristotlean)
  39. Social Judgment Theory (Sherif)
  40. Logic of Masculinist Protection (McIntosh)
  41. Mindfulness and One-ness (Anti-Descartian Theories, Eastern models)
  42. Athletes in Transition (injured athletes)
  43. Cluster  criticism