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BCOR 2120: Accounting Information for Decision Making

Guide to resources for students in Accounting Information for Decision Making (BCOR 2120)

APA 7th Edition Citations for Business Sources

The APA 7th Ed. Citation for Business Sources provides examples on how to cite sources from specific business databases and business-related websites. Below are some popular sources you may use at LMU for your assignment.


Annual Report, 10-K, Other SEC filings

McDonald’s. (2019). 2018 annual report.


Bloomberg Businessweek

Park, K., Philip, S., Davies, W., Man, Y., & Amin, H. (2020, April 20). The virus clips AirAsia’s wings. Bloomberg Businessweek, 16–17.


Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

Energy Information Administration. (2020, May 17). Retail gasoline prices: Gasoline prices - all grades, 08/20/1990 - 05/11/2020 [Data set]. Department of Energy; Data Planet Statistical Datasets.



If the report has a unique identifier number, use it in parentheses after the title. In this case, include a more specific description in the brackets than just [Industry report] as is often used elsewhere, because IBIS has risk and other reports as well as global, state, and other levels of industry reports, and sometimes the titles and numbers are the same.

Diment, D. (2019, December). Corporate wellness services (OD4621) [U.S. specialized industry report] . IBISWorld.



Example when retrieved from Business Source Complete:

MarketLine. (2020). Air freight in Australia [Industry profile]. Business Source Complete.



Mergent. (n.d.). Hain Celestial Group [Company profile]. Retrieved June 3, 2020, from

Mergent. (n.d.). Hain Celestial Group: R. Dean Hollis [Executive bio]. Retrieved June 3, 2020, from



PrivCo. (n.d.). PopSockets [Company profile]. Retrieved May 26, 2020, from