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BCOR 3860: International Business

Welcome BCOR 3860

Welcome to BCOR 3860

This library guide will assist you in locating and evaluating sources for your BCOR 3860: International Business course. Many of the resources in this guide will support you with your case presentation, country analysis, industry/competitiveness analysis, and Final Exam.     

On International Business

"You have a range of products or services selling successfully in your home market. You have created a service that, in its design and execution, is unique to your company. Inevitably, you are tempted to assume that your products and services will sell abroad in their current format, you want to exploit any new opportunities without aggravation. You understand that everybody eats to gain energy for the day, works through the day to sustain their families, and sleeps to recharge their human batteries for the next day. So, surely, everybody everywhere looks for the same products, experiences, and lifestyle.

The world is currently comprised of some 195 countries speaking over 7,000 languages, of which 23 are spoken by more than half of the world’s population. There are more than 200 commonly identified ethnic groups and around 20 major religions. Add to these the consideration of diverse habitat, climate, and terrain and the notion of gender, which is no longer restricted to male and female, if you include sexual orientation and age groups, you end up with an almost infinite mix of needs, customs, habits, and behaviors.

It is also well established that the impulse to buy generally comes from one or more of three fundamental triggers: how your products and services will save money for your customers, or make their lives easier, or make them feel better (Houlier and Blaskey, 2020)." 


Houlier, L. and Blaskey, J. (2020) Products and services: Adapting for Export Markets. In L. Houlier and J. Blaskey, Exporting: Key considerations for international business growth (pp. 22-33). Business Expert Press. 

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