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The Book 2012: A Research Guide

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Heroic Living: Discover Your Purpose and Change the World

Hello! This is the research guide for the 2012 Common Book, Journey of the Universe by Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker.  The "Getting Started" tab (above) will take you to some reference sources that are good starting places to get your head around a concept or idea. Then, use the other tabs to help you find other relevant works in books, in periodicals, and other authoritative online sources.

The topics suggested in this guide are only starting points. If you need help with this guide or any of the resources linked within, don't hesitate to contact a librarian. We're here to help!


THE BOOK Festival - 2012 Calendar of Events

Journey of the Universe Trailer

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Slides from the Star Gazing Event

Download the slides from Mr. Douglas Ellison's JPL talk!

These slides are from the Star Gazing: Exploring the Universe in an Urban Setting event, part of The Book Festival.