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Parent Guide to the William H. Hannon Library

A guide to the William H. Hannon Library for parents of LMU students. Learn about the library's wealth of resources and how your student can get personalized research help from our friendly reference librarians.

10 Things Parents Should Know about the Library

1. Help is always available.

Yes, always. College level research is challenging. But your student has expert help available, both online and in person, no matter the hour. Our friendly and knowledgeable reference librarians are available by phone, email, text message, or online chat! We also offer drop-in research assistance at the Information Desk during our service hours, and make ourselves available for individual or group consultations at your students' convenience. All they need to do is fill out this form.

2. We have millions of e-resources, available 24/7.

Your student has 24/7 access to a wealth of information and resources! It's easy to access over 200 research databases, over 69,000 online journals, over 450,000 e-books - all with off-campus access. Moreover, during the academic year, the library is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. 

3. If we don't have it, we can get it!

If LMU doesn't own a book your student needs or if it's currently unavailable (checked out, lost, missing, or in repair), we can request nearly anything from one of our partner libraries. Your student can search the LINK+ catalog, a collection of 7,000,000 books at over 50 other California and Nevada libraries. Once requested, books are delivered conveniently to our circulation desk for your student to pick up within 3-4 business days. We can also get articles and books not owned by LMU through traditional Interlibrary Loan. And the best part? All of these services are free. 

4. Social butterfly or solo studier? We have spaces for both.

The library has 33 spacious study rooms designed for group collaboration. Each room has whiteboard walls, a large LCD screen with laptop connectivity, and we also have special presentation rooms, media viewing, and listening rooms. Your student can also plan ahead! All group study rooms can be reserved up to two weeks in advance using AgilQuest, our online reservation system. We also have hundreds of individual carrels, comfortable chairs, and other furniture that our students can use. Whatever your student's study style, we have it covered.

5. Need to print, copy, fax, or scan?

Your student can do all of this at the library! The university gives each incoming student $20 in free printing, placed automatically on their OneCard. Printing services are available in the library, and we can accommodate black and white (10 cents per side), color (25 cents per side), and double-sided printing. The library also supports printing from laptops using PrintMe. Copiers are located on the first and second floors of the library (10 cents each). As for scanning? Completely free! The scanner is located at the Information Desk on the first floor.

6. We have iMacs. Lots of them.

The library's Information Commons has 86 fully-loaded computers available on a first-come, first-served basis. 80 of these computers run both Mac OS and Windows, and there are also 6 Mac Pro computers intended for multimedia content creation and editing. Computers stations are available for both individual users and for group work. Additionally, wireless connectivity is available throughout the entire library. 

7. Print is not dead!

We have over 500,000 books in our library collection, including scholarly work, popular fiction, and children's literature. And we don't just have books... our media collection has over 60,000 items, including over 18,000 streaming films, plus DVDs, CDs, LPs, and microfilm. In our Department of Archives & Special Collections, your student can get first-hand experience handling and using rare primary source materials for their research, or to just fulfill their curiosity. Medieval manuscript leaves? An I.O.U. printed and signed by Benjamin Franklin? A leaf from the Gutenberg Bible? Early 20th century photographs related to the Owens Valley / Los Angeles Aqueduct water wars? Yes, these are library materials too!

8. This is a great place to work!

We are one of the largest student employers on campus, and we are looking for exceptional students to assist our librarians and library assistants in providing excellent service to our users. Most library student workers start as freshmen and spend all four years here! (Note that most library student jobs require a Federal Work Study Award.)

9. Need a laptop? Need a charger? Here, borrow ours!

Students may borrow Chromebooks, MacBooks, portable chargers and more by visiting the Circulation Desk. Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

10. No shushing here. 

The library is the cultural and intellectual heart of campus. In addition to all of the study space, research help, and millions of items available through our collections, we also offer a vibrant line-up of artistic and cultural exhibitions and scholarly and literary programming throughout the academic year. Past authors who have visited the library include Father Greg Boyle and Lisa See. All of our events are free and open to the public, so if you are a local parent, please consider joining us along with your student! Visit the library calendar of events for more information, or sign up for Happenings @ Hannon, our monthly e-newsletter. 

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Library Research Award (Win $1000!)

Each year, the Loyola Marymount University William H. Hannon Library offers our annual Undergraduate Library Research Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward LMU undergraduate students whose research makes expert and creative use of the services, resources, and collections of the William H. Hannon Library to produce a scholarly or creative work. First prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the first place undergraduate project, $1000 will be awarded to one group project, and $450 each will be awarded to two honorable mentions.