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Digital Scholarship

About DS

Digital scholarship (DS) and digital humanities (DH) involve the incorporation of digital tools into scholarly practices for the purposes of advancing scholarship. This libguide is here to help you navigate the many facets of DS and DH as well as to help you discover ways in which the library may support and facilitate these practices.

DS and DH use digital tools that may be relatively simple and free like Google Maps and Wordpress or more complex licensed software like ArcGIS and Oxygen XML Editor. Digital humanities may be seen as falling under the umbrella of digital scholarship. It involves using digital tools and methods to analyze, synthesize, present and teach humanities scholarship. DH is inherently methodological and interdisciplinary. Like all forms of DS, DH scholarship can widely vary in scope. For more on DH and LMU's DH endeavors, visit The use of the terms DS and DH is primarily based on discipline. You will see references to both throughout this libguide. (Also see the Scholarly Communications libguide.)

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