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Google Tools

Google Scholar, Google Docs, Google Forms and more...

Why Use Google Docs?

Documents are stored online and can be accessed from any computer, anywhere and anytime.

You can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Google Docs, or upload existing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Google Docs supports group projects and other collaborative work.

It's free and available to anyone with a Google account.

Google Docs for your phone

Google Docs in Plain English

Comparison Chart

blank Documents Spreadsheets Presentations
max. # of people you can invite to collaborate or view your doc* 200 200 200
max. # of people editing doc at the same time 50 50 10
chat yes yes yes, in view presentation mode

1,024,000 characters

4000,000 cells

200 slides


 *You can make your Google Doc available to anyone by publishing it, without having to specifically invite people to view it.

Discussions in Google Docs

Discussions in Google Presentations

Creating a Google Docs Account

It's easy. Just go to

Sign in with your Google account username and password. 

Or create a Google account by clicking on "Get Started." You can use any email address; it doesn't have to be a Gmail account.

*LMU students already have access to Google Docs through their LMU email.