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Library Guide for students and faculty in the School of Education.
The Curriculum Materials Collection 
William H. Hannon Hannon Library
Second Floor
Loan Period

Three weeks with one renewal 


Searching for Children's Books

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Each different reading level in fiction is assigned a color dot and nonfiction is organized by Dewey Call Number (as opposed to Library of Congress Classification which is used in the rest of the library).

  • Picture Books: A book in which the message depends upon pictures as much or more than text. The pictures extend the text in a way that would not be possible from the words alone.


  • Early Readers: A book that is written at a first or second grade level in which phrases or sentences are repeated in the text in easily recognized patterns. These books are designed to help new readers make meaning of the text.


  • Chapter Books: Transitional fiction that is longer than the standard picture book, is formatted in short chapters, and is usually written for readers in grades one to three. 


  • Mid Grade Fiction: Fiction for readers aged eight to twelve. A novel, unlike the picture book, relies entirely on text to tell the story. Newbery Medal winners often (but not always) fall within this category.


  • Young-adult fiction (YA): Young adult novels, also sometimes called teen novels, are generally read by children anywhere from age 12-18. They are longer books, with contemporary stories and often involve contemporary problems of teenagers.


  • Nonfiction:Informational text dealing with an actual, real-life subject.


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